Even looking up the term incel, I’m not sure I understand. It sounds like a group of men with unrealistic expectations of women creating a hostility and frustration that they aren’t attracting the very unrealistic ideals of women. At the same time we have women with great levels of insecurities because they don’t measure up to these unrealistic standards or harbor insecurities that their makeup, weight, dress, etc might shift slightly from an ideal resulting in their being jettisoned.

Is it really all that screwed-up out there? I know I’ve complained of feeling judged against a detailed checklist when dating. “Right shoes-check, Right watch-oops-nope-end the date” maybe it’s about me not playing this while expectations game. I’m just me, and I happen to like me the way I am, and I’m happy being celibate until I find the lady who appreciates me for who I am, not some image I’m projecting. Sure, I’d rather not be celibate-does that make me an incel?

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