The ONE problem with LOVE

Tim Dibble
4 min readAug 16, 2018

The one problem with “Love” is the English Language.

The word “Love” has too many uses.

We love our parents, we love our children, we love our siblings and not one single incident of using that word “love” is the same.

We love our shoes, our cars, our homes, our pets, and not one single incident of using that word “love” is the same.

We love our friends, we love our teachers, television shows and even more ephemeral things like concerts, dinners, vacations. Each one is different and unique, yet evokes similar feelings among other like situated humans who hear the expression.

We love our partners.

But of all the examples, this expression of “love”, the romantic expression of “Love” is the one that causes the most damage. Sure some parents do damage, but the parent child love bond generally survives parental mistakes. Our loved shoes never get a divorce papers, we don’t cheat on our loved pets by giving affection to another pet, no one stalks their loved car. We never lash out in violence (psychological nor physical) toward the object of our love except in romantic love.

Loving another independent human being is fraught with uncertainty, doubt, mistakes, and other lows. It is celebrated with giddy feelings, memorable moments of the first kiss…



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