The art of letting the mind flow

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A quick search for synonyms to “daydream” yields a mixed list of positive and negative. Woolgathering juxtapositions pie in the sky, conceiving counterbalances pipe dream. Each pair a positive thought process of using the imagination and idleness examining possibilities to a dismissive term finding fault implying wasting time and energy.

It really isn’t such a bad thing to let your mind flow, to imagine, to ask the question “I would be so happy if. . .”.

The trick is how to daydream when the pressures of adulting are upon us. Its one thing…

There’s no where to go but up

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Depression stalks most of us.

We all have crises of confidence.

We all make mistakes.

We all get unjustly criticized.

We all fall to the lure of comparing ourselves with others.

But recognizing these things doesn’t make it better NOW!

We reach for soporifics: TV, alcohol, smoking, pajamas on the couch for days on end, cookies or candy, ice cream.

We may be incautious in our distraction: casual sex, addictive drugs, pre-suicidal actions, aimlessly wandering without concern of our surroundings.

The darkness of depression shrouds and surrounds us. It may feel at times…

And Autonomous Vehicles have a Snowball’s chance in Death Valley.

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EV’s and Autonomous cars are leading the headlines whenever the dramas in Afghanistan, Haiti, California fires, COVID, and Brittany Spears’ conservatorship allow. Oft touted as the savior of the environment, they are huge status symbols at the moment.

People pay enormous sums for a battery and four cheap electric motors. Purchasers confidently assert that it isn’t the boasting rights they are after, it is all about being on the forefront of saving the environment. As if anyone affording a car costing well into six digits isn’t bragging!

What everyone is…

Is Interference with a Contract Reasonable?

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The interference with contract is not a right the Government often wishes to employ. Interfering with a contract between two private parties is always a right the Government retains. The Government is the creator of the legal system which oversees all contracts, but it is a right rarely if ever invoked.

The main reason that the Government doesn’t interfere with private contracts is that it destroys the system. Interference undermines people’s trust and willingness to even enter into Contracts. …

It certainly isn’t fun or joy or happy or jolly

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Work is a four letter word.

Work is a process where effort is provides for a medium of exchange (money). The money is used to purchase the efforts of other people.

For example, a craftsman makes shoes and sells them to a farmer. Rather than getting paid in chickens, the two tradespeople translate the value of the item or service into money. The money can then be used to buy other items as desired or needed.

Actually it wasn’t the tradespeople who established money, Governments created currency to ease transactions…

and looking in the mirror

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My mother moved in with me a short time ago. Or more properly, she moved back in with me.

She had decided, just over a year ago, to move in with my sister. Driving her was my pending move to Oklahoma.

She decided that suffering the cat pee infused house with 9 nearly feral cats, with overly steep steps, a questionable neighborhood and my sister’s questionable job security, financial incapacity and their own long history of conflict was better than the potential move. …

Unless it really hurts the first time

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a spicy food wimp. I frequently tell servers that the spiciest food I can tolerate is mashed potatoes with the pepper flown overhead at 20 feet.

Yes, I’m that much of a wimp.

I do not believe food should hurt going in nor coming out.

Anything with a jalapeño waived in its general direction is usually not going to make it to my plate.

Now some spices do not trigger my strong aversion, curries, for example are actually a favorite.

So with trepidation, I accompanied…

Dark basements still make me anxious

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It happens more often than not. Puttering away in the basement, retrieving whatever stored item you need and you get to the bottom of the stairs. Comfortable, you flick off the lights behind you.

The creepy feeling sets in.

The hairs on your neck raise and you know that something is coalescing in the dark behind you.

Your pace up the stairs is inevitably a bit faster than is absolutely safe, but you are certain you can make it to the light before whatever it is can get to you.

If you are lucky…

Freedom is Manners

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Freedom is a precarious balance of personal rights and freedoms between many people. When they are held in a mutually agreeable balance, society grows and prospers.

When they are not in balance conflict, strife and fighting occur.

What most Americans miss about freedom is that their rights and freedoms must be curtailed where another person’s begin. Otherwise they placing their rights and freedoms above other humans.

The examples of infringement are manifest. A stereo too loud infringes on another’s right to peaceable existence. An aggressive driver infringes on other’s ability to travel safely and predictably. A person…

Don’t discount the power of dreams.

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In the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical Jesus Christ Superstar, Jesus sings the line “There will be poor always, pathetically struggling” in the song “Everything’s Alright”. He encourages his followers to enjoy their few luxuries and enjoy the soothing ointment, with the repeated refrain “Everything’s alright”.

There’s an awful lot of truth in Andrew Lloyd Weber’s lyrical approach applied to today’s vocal pundits complaining about billionaires in rockets and asserting that the money could be used for better here on earth.

The refrain that there are better uses for the money has been applied to…

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