In the game of reporting financial transactions of $600 to the IRS, bet on the mouse.

Governments hate cash economies. Cash is hard for them to trace and it is hard for them to tax. Cash requires they print bills, mint coins and secure the whole mess which cost them…

Or: Another Buggy Whip maker Bites the Dust

Yesterday, October 2 2021, two letters arrived. One was mailed on August 8, 2021, the second bore the postmark August 15, 2021. The Bell Tolls and the priestess shouts “SHAME!”

Almost 2 months in transit, one letter walked its way from Connecticut…

Getting old ain’t for the young

I heard these jokes years ago but I can’t find the comedians to whom to provide the credit:

A man is sitting in his recliner, smoking a cigar, eating potato chips with an opened beer at his elbow. …

A challenge from #writehere

Friends have shared that I always seem to have a quip or a quote for pretty much any situation. …

Its much worse than anyone can calculate

We are a few days from another U.S. Government shutdown.

We, the American People, must be outraged.

Our elected representatives are failing to perform their ONE Constitutional duty — pass the budget. In case you didn’t hear the outrage-Congress has ONE duty under…

The art of letting the mind flow

A quick search for synonyms to “daydream” yields a mixed list of positive and negative. Woolgathering juxtapositions pie in the sky, conceiving counterbalances pipe dream. …

There’s no where to go but up

Depression stalks most of us.

We all have crises of confidence.

We all make mistakes.

We all get unjustly criticized.

We all fall to the lure of comparing ourselves with others.

But recognizing these things doesn’t make it better NOW!

We reach for…

And Autonomous Vehicles have a Snowball’s chance in Death Valley.

EV’s and Autonomous cars are leading the headlines whenever the dramas in Afghanistan, Haiti, California fires, COVID, and Brittany Spears’ conservatorship allow. Oft touted as the savior of the environment, they are huge status symbols at the moment.

People pay…

Is Interference with a Contract Reasonable?

The interference with contract is not a right the Government often wishes to employ. Interfering with a contract between two private parties is always a right the Government retains. …

It certainly isn’t fun or joy or happy or jolly

Work is a four letter word.

Work is a process where effort is provides for a medium of exchange (money). The money is used to purchase the efforts of other people.

For example, a craftsman makes shoes and sells them…

Tim Dibble

Dogfather, smart-aleck, renaissance-like man in the modern world.

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